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Unfurling… A poem



The garden unfurls,
Showing her secrets, shedding her veil.
After the darkness, the new light brings rebirth,
Hope, a promise of good to come.

She tempts me, swaying, beguiling
Working her wonderous ways.
Ponderous possibilities,
A welcome repose for the weary soul.

Quietly alluring, she is the healing balm
Drawing me out from my cocoon of exile.
Free flowing, unstifled and unbound.

Soothing my senses, she sets me free.
Calming my mind.
Revealing a new path,
And how to leave what is gone, behind.

By Caóilfionn Murphy O’Hanlon

Dicentra Spectabilis – Bleeding Heart

So venture out, get your hands in some soil, release those microbes, those free feel good pheromones and create new life, encourage, nurture, smell, breathe, feel alive, be free.

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